To tackle the rising issues brought on by the expansion of private housing projects and increasing population in Islamabad, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to create a specialized division focused on overseeing these developments.

The newly formed Directorate of Regulation, Re-planning, and Regeneration is set on ensuring the capital city’s urban planning and growth are managed sustainably and orderly.

Operating under the close supervision of the CDA’s Member Planning and Development, this Directorate is tasked with refining the development activities of private housing societies and other urban areas. The CDA has also approved a significant role, the Planning Officer at grade 19, to enhance the Directorate’s effectiveness.

This initiative emerged from the insightful suggestions made by the Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice, showcasing the CDA’s forward-thinking approach to managing Islamabad’s complex urban framework.

The CDA’s strategic move is aimed at fostering balanced growth in the face of increasing urban challenges, moving towards a sustainable renewal of the city’s infrastructure and living spaces.

This initiative received the green light at a recent CDA Board meeting, where the Planning Member introduced a detailed summary of the planned actions. After careful examination and discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to the proposal, marking a significant step towards responsibly and fairly managing Islamabad’s urban development.

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