PM Shehbaz instructs security and road improvements for Reko Diq Project

PM Shehbaz instructs security and road improvements for Reko Diq Project

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif recently presided over a meeting regarding the Reko Diq project, where he engaged with a delegation from Barrick Gold Company, led by CEO Mark Bristow. The discussion focused on critical aspects of the project’s development and security.

During the meeting, Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif emphasized the need for robust security measures to safeguard the personnel and logistics involved in the Reko Diq project. Additionally, he directed efforts towards upgrading road infrastructure to facilitate smoother operations and ensure unhindered progress.

The gathering was attended by key government officials, including Federal Ministers for Finance and Revenue, Petroleum, and Economic Affairs, along with other senior government representatives.

Updates provided during the meeting included progress on various infrastructure developments, such as the construction of the link road from Reko Diq to National Highway 40 by the Link Road Mining Company. It was noted that the construction of the 103 km road from Nokundi to Mashkhel was at 58 percent completion.

Future plans and directives outlined by Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif included optimizing mineral resources in Balochistan, particularly focusing on improving communication infrastructure and railway lines. He stressed the importance of timely development and construction of new road infrastructure to connect Reko Diq with Gwadar.

Moreover, there were discussions about the feasibility of establishing a railway network from Reko Diq to Gwadar Port, aiming to reduce transportation distances to benefit the mining industry in the Chagai district.

PM Shahbaz directed authorities to expedite the completion of the Environment and Social Impact Assessment for the Reko Diq project and ensure the timely submission of a feasibility study by December 2024. He also requested a comprehensive briefing on Reko Diq Road and Rail Connectivity for the upcoming week.

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