Punjab Chief Minister Declares Schools for Transgender Kids

Chief Minister Punjab Maryam Nawaz Sharif has revealed intentions to establish schools dedicated to transgender children at divisional levels throughout the province.

In a meeting held in Lahore today to assess reforms in school education, she also mandated the creation of a Standardized Matriculation Exam Board and Punjab School Inspectorate. The discussion centered on consolidating all school education matters under a unified governing body, with a proposed authority tasked with overseeing various aspects of Punjab’s education system.

Responsibilities of this proposed authority include teacher and curriculum development, school enhancement, teacher training, curriculum structuring, testing, and assessment, as well as ensuring educational outcomes.

CM Punjab underscored the significance of character development initiatives in government schools and stressed the necessity for specialized education facilities to be available in one government school per district. During the meeting, Maryam Nawaz expressed dissatisfaction over textbook distribution delays. Educational authorities reported that 41% of textbooks have been dispatched, assuring that the remaining books would reach schools by May. Additionally, they pledged to ensure textbook availability for the forthcoming academic year by February.

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