EU Considering to Drop Visa Rules for Some Countries

EU Considering to Drop Visa Rules for Some Countries

The European Union (EU) is contemplating lifting visa requirements for citizens of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) nations. This proposal emerged during a meeting in Brussels between Jasem Mohamed Al Budaiwi, Secretary-General of the GCC, and Luigi Di Maio, EU Special Representative for the Gulf region.

The meeting emphasized the bilateral relations between the GCC and Europe, highlighting their strategic partnership. A major discussion point was the potential visa waiver for GCC citizens traveling within the Schengen area.

The Schengen area consists of 26 European countries with abolished passport and border control at their mutual borders. If the visa requirements are removed, citizens from GCC countries will find it easier to access these European destinations.

The countries being considered for the visa requirement waiver include Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. This decision, if executed, could significantly strengthen ties between the GCC and the EU, promoting economic, cultural, and diplomatic exchanges.

This step aligns with the EU’s broader efforts to facilitate smoother travel and enhance connections with international partners. While discussions continue, the specifics of the visa waiver program, such as timelines and criteria, are yet to be finalized. Nevertheless, the potential lifting of visa requirements signals progress in promoting people-to-people exchanges and closer relations between the GCC and the EU.

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