PTI spokesperson Raoof Hasan raised concerns on Wednesday about Adiala Jail’s security conditions for party founder Imran Khan, a day before his anticipated Supreme Court hearing via video link.

This will be Imran’s first public appearance since his arrest in August last year in a Toshakhana case.

Imran is expected to speak to the apex court tomorrow. Justice Athar Minallah stated on Tuesday that the top court could not deny an audience to the former prime minister if he wishes to appear in person for a case about changes to the country’s accountability laws.

A five-judge bench, headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Qazi Faez Isa, ordered the federal and Punjab governments to facilitate Imran’s appearance on Thursday via video link from Adiala jail.

Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar explained to the media that historically, convicted individuals were not allowed to represent themselves in person before the court. However, he said he would abide by the directive.

The PTI and Imran’s family have alleged that he is being clamped down on ahead of the hearing. Imran’s sister Aleema Khanum said his guards were suddenly changed, and meetings with him were canceled.

Addressing a press conference, Hasan elaborated on the alleged jail conditions created in the past few days. He mentioned that Imran’s two security guards were changed on Monday and that no meetings with lawyers or weekly meetings with political leadership were allowed.

Hasan added that the hearing in the Al Qadir Trust case inside Adiala Jail was canceled, and hearings on the cipher and Toshakhana cases were postponed.

He claimed these measures were taken after the Supreme Court ordered Imran’s appearance via video link, condemning the additional security measures.

Hasan suggested that the state and its officials are fearful of Imran. “The people in charge of this country fear his face. Neither his voice nor his face has been broadcast for the past nine months. Now that a possibility was being created for him to appear before the court via video link and present his statement and arguments, an excuse of security was created to sabotage Imran’s video appearance, which is their actual target.”

The PTI spokesperson said this matter should be seen in the context of other current issues, such as the letter by six Islamabad High Court judges alleging interference by intelligence apparatus in judicial proceedings.

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