Microsoft Edge Now Supports Extensions on Android

Microsoft Edge holds a modest 5% share of the Android web browser market, but the tech giant is actively seeking to expand its influence through recent enhancements. In its latest update, the Android version of the Edge browser is set to introduce support for extensions, a feature not commonly found among its competitors.

Upon the rollout of this new capability, users will be able to seamlessly install extensions on their Edge browser, mirroring the functionality available on the desktop version. A Twitter source, known as ‘Leopeva64,’ has disclosed that the feature is currently undergoing testing and is expected to be accessible to Android users in the near future.

Leopeva64 has also shared visual representations of the upcoming feature, displaying a range of extensions including uBlock Origin for ad-blocking and Dark Reader for enforcing dark mode on websites, among others. It is anticipated that additional extensions will be supported upon the official release.

Additionally, the same source recently revealed that the Edge browser on Android has incorporated the Read Aloud feature, a convenience feature that audibly reads webpages. This update also integrates support for the Copilot chatbot, enhancing the overall user experience.

Despite Microsoft’s predominant position in PC browsers, its standing in the mobile browser arena is comparatively less dominant. Nevertheless, the introduction of extensions to Microsoft Edge holds the potential to distinguish the browser from its competitors and bolster the company’s mobile presence.

The anticipated increase in Microsoft Edge’s popularity, attributed to the introduction of extensions, may prompt competitors like Google Chrome and Safari to consider adopting similar features for the benefit of consumers. However, it’s important to note that the extension feature is currently undergoing testing and has not been officially released. Microsoft is expected to make an announcement regarding its stable release once the testing phase concludes, although a precise launch date has not been specified.

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