NayaPay and FWO Collaborate to Update M-Tag Payments in Pakistan

NayaPay and Frontier Works Organization (FWO) have collaborated to digitize M-Tag payments in Pakistan, building on FWO’s pioneering work in digitizing toll payments through M-Tag. The partnership with NayaPay facilitates swift recharging of M-Tags, ensuring a seamless process for users.

In collaboration with One Network (ONPL), specializing in the digitalization of Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS), Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), and M-Tag services on motorways, this initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and convenience of toll transactions.

The agreement, signed by Mr. Danish A. Lakhani, CEO of NayaPay, and Brig Asif Siddique (Retd.), Director IT FWO, in the presence of senior executives from NayaPay, One Network, and FWO, marks a significant step toward advancing digital payment solutions in Pakistan.

NayaPay, recognized as a leading E-Money Institution in Pakistan, empowers users to easily open E-money accounts on their smartphones, taking control of their finances. Through the NayaPay app, users can now recharge their M-Tags at no additional cost, ensuring a smooth, secure, and hassle-free experience for motorists.

This collaboration is particularly timely in response to the National Highway Authority’s (NHA) mandate, effective from January 1, 2024, requiring all vehicles on motorways to utilize M-Tags. The aim is to enhance toll collection efficiency and user convenience, aligning with the broader goal of streamlining the transportation ecosystem.

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