NTDC releases Loadshedding Timetable for Ramadan

The National Transmission and Dispatch Company (NTDC) has assured an uninterrupted power supply across the nation during the holy month of Ramadan. In line with the directives from Managing Director Engr. Dr. Rana Abdul Jabbar Khan, the government-backed power transmission company is actively engaged in an extensive maintenance program for NTDC transmission lines and grid stations to ensure continuous power supply throughout the country.

As part of this initiative, NTDC teams are executing various activities, including washing, cleaning, and the replacement of Disc Insulators. A spokesperson for the company disclosed that these measures aim to enhance the reliability of transmission lines and grid stations, ensuring a seamless power supply during Ramadan. The maintenance program also includes scheduled shutdowns for 500kV and 220kV transmission line circuits in the southern region.

During the shutdown periods, activities like insulator cleaning, washing, and tightening of nuts and bolts on line hardware, along with replacing disc insulators with RTV-coated ones on Red, Yellow, and Blue phases were conducted. The spokesperson provided details, indicating that a total of 73,493 disc insulators were washed/cleaned at 459 locations, 9,804 disc insulators were replaced at 55 locations, and over 688 braces and 570 nuts and bolts were installed.

Additionally, the spokesperson noted the replacement of two damaged disc insulator strings (132kV C.B E5Q1 and E7Q1 C.B Yellow Phase) along with two healthy EMCO-Make disc insulator strings of 132kV C.B E7Q1 (totaling four strings) at 220kV Grid Station Jhampir-1. The General Manager (Asset Management-South) is overseeing the maintenance program, and the spokesperson highlighted the NTDC Managing Director’s appreciation for the performance of the relevant transmission line (maintenance) divisions, urging them to adhere to the maintenance schedule.

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